Do you have a mobile app idea?

How’re you going to translate into reality?

All mobile apps initiate as an idea. However, not every idea is destined to see the daylight. At Odd Technologies. we have the expertise and experience you need to transform see your idea being brought to life.

We aren’t just concerned with the app development and release, rather we actually want to see your app grow organically, generating more downloads and revenue stream. Our mobile app development steps help you pre-determine the success path of your app idea before you actually proceed with the development.


Here’s your chance to see your idea transform into reality. Our stepwise approach will help you refine your idea so it has better chances of succeeding rather than just being another mobile app over the app stores. We will plan, design, code and submit the app to the Android and iOS app stores. Our passionate and experienced mobile app developers will ensure your app is coded bug-free and gets instant acceptance for Android or iOS app stores.


At Odd Tech. we have had experience of building 50+ mobile apps for businesses and startups across the USA, and we have the expertise to translate your app idea into a success. Our experienced mobile app developers will ensure you get a streamlined and smooth app development process and gets your app launched quicker than you expected.

Native or Hybrid?

Mobile app development comes with two approaches, which are important to consider. The first one is called Native, while the latter is referred to as Hybrid. The features and functions of mobile app decide for the approach that suits your app. Our experts will guide you through the right approach, once you inform us of your budget and app idea.

Native Apps:

Native apps come with different android and iOS platform.

Highest performance.

Best graphics and animations.

More suited for apps with advanced graphics, games

Direct hardware and phone features access

High cost

Long development time

Hybrid Apps:

A single code for Android as well as iOS platforms

Smooth graphics

Good Performance

Better suited for business, social or other complex apps

Don’t have access to all phone features

Lower development cost

Time effective development

Odd Tech – Mobile App Development with a Different

Odd Tech. delivered the complete suite of mobile app development solutions for entrepreneurs and local & international businesses in the USA. With our 50+ successful mobile app to our credit, we have one of the most experienced and qualified team to serve your needs in the USA. Our core focus and expertise revolve around Android and iPhone app development; however, we have also delivered apps for Android tablets, iPad and other mobile devices.

Mobile app development forms merely one cornerstone of our strategy, while we remain focused to develop apps that transform into success stories. Our expert developers will work with you to ensure your idea is translated into a viable success story.

While we are based in Karachi, Pakistan, we have a national approach and had delivered projects for local companies across the Pakistan and USA. We will take all necessary measures to communicate and discuss project meetings and ensure timely delivery of app at all times. Our core team consists of expert developers, expert strategists, designers, and project managers, which ensure maintaining highest standards for all mobile app development projects.

Measure Your Visits

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